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Them clever designers… snapshot of London Design Festival 09

Last weekend I checked out a selection of events and exhibitions on offer at the London Design Festival.

I like festivals: you are guaranteed to have a selection of visual snippets, tasty (or not so tasty) morsels. I find it rejuvenating to wander around the smaller exhibits, seeing the work of independent and up and coming designers who often have great ideas to show. And all the unexpected discoveries to be made on the way – that’s my kind of day out and about.

My colleagues from Stills went to 100% Design on Thursday, so I decided I would plan to see “all the other stuff” over the weekend. On Friday I started my trek at the Viaduct showroom in Clerkenwell. Their New Modernists exhibition struck a chord with me as I’ve always had a soft spot for simple, clean and clever design.

Lazy Bastard by Bertjan Pot

Lazy Bastard by Bertjan Pot

Now this chair is such a brilliant concept – the name and the product go hand in hand perfectly, and it needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated! It’s like a bean bag with a bit more structure, the adapting cushion making it a pleasure to sink into.

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