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Come to your senses – experience mapping & data

Last Saturday (7th May) me and Emily of Mindful Maps co-facilitated an experiential map of Brixton Village market as part of a Treasure Hunt for the Transeuropa festival.

Our aim was to engage people to first of all reflect on their experiences of the market and then record them in writing or drawing. As guidance we provided a framework of words and phrases that people could draw on:

Some of the above became categories we colour coded the experiences with – each experience tag had one or more colours representing the experience on the map.

This post compiles the data collected with some feedback and evaluation – if you wish to read more and see more photos, please check out blog post by Mindful Maps.

Looking at the data
As this project is work in progress, we wanted to set up a simple framework for both us and the people we wanted to engage with. This would provide a clearer route for people to engage with and for us to evaluate and develop this approach further.
So what did people feel about Brixton Village?

Out of 41 recorded entries, 26 people mentioned an emotion they experienced.

What kind of sensory experiences did they have?

Out of 41 recorded entries, 15 people mentioned a sensory experience.

What about the combinations?

Interestingly, there were a variety of combinations.

What other themes emerged?

Food was mentioned the most, and a variety of other perhaps more conceptual themes came up at an equal level.

We will be looking at feedback and evaluation of the project in the near future – the mapping process could be used flexibly to explore a multitude of topics in different scenarios.